Tomasz Woźniakowski

Freelance illustrator, currently living and studying in Lódź, Poland. I started getting into digital art in 2017 and slowly but surely I am developing my career.

The Economist

Set of illustrations made for The Economist for an article about Google and its inner problems.

Sydney Opera House

Advertisement illustration done for the rebrand of the Sydney Opera House

The New York Times

Illustration for an article about the mistrust between U.S. Politicians/Government and Big Tech, that many trace to the 2016 election, but actually began earlier with the Snowden leak / NSA spying revelations.

Harvard Business Review

A set of 5 illustrations made for the march 2021 publication of Harvard Business Review

Geschichte der Gegenwart

A set of 3 illustrations made for the new visual identity of Geschichte der Gegenwart

Fast Company

A set of five illustrations made for a March 2020 issue of Fast Company magazine – each one depicting a revolutionary company.

Atrium Germany

A set of two illustrations made for Atrium Germany by Total

First one is for an article regarding the fall of Berlin Wall, second one – for a quiz about prejudice.

Atlanta Magazine

Illustrations for articles about Health Maintenance for Atlanta Magazine.

Wizje Magazine

Set of illustrations made for Wizje magazine publication which is a polish collective of young people promoting poems of various writers.